• GPS: 48.76105, 17.69606

Dubník Reservoir is lying about 2 km from the town of Stará Turá. The water reservoir is built in a picturesque valley on the flow of the Kostelník stream.

Basically there are two reservoirs - Dubník I and Dubník II, or New and Old Dubník. Old Dubník is laid down below. The reservoir is also special in its centerpoint, it washes banks of a small romantic island.

During the summer season, the resort is drenched with sun and surrounded by dense greenery. The water in the reservoir is heated by the sun and offers a pleasant refreshment during the heat.

In addition to swimming, you can also enjoy water sports, boat rental or water bikes rental.

The water reservoir is also a popular fishing site and fishing races are regularly organized here. There is also the possibility to have a fast food without leaving the site.

Children can have fun on the playground with jungle gyms and swings. For sports lovers, there are tennis courts and table tennis, but the spacious surroundings also offer a wide range of ball games.

In the evening, there is a rich nightlife in the discotheques of Plaž Dubník in a pleasant atmosphere and good music.

Swimming in the water reservoir is permitted at your own risk.

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