The highest peak of the Volovské vrchy Mountains, the Zlatý stôl (Golden table), rises above the picturesque villages of Stará Voda, Henclová, Úhorná and Smolník. Its mysterious name refers to the folk tale that the king of Hungarian Kingdom Matthias Corvinus had lunch at the top and that is why the hill is popularly called the King's Table.

The hill is not massively popular tourist destination, so you can enjoy peaceful hiking even alone. The initial steep climb will be replaced by a forest path with a gentle incline that will lead you to the vast summit plateau. The summit itself as well as the adjacent slopes are covered with fir-spruce forest, so you will enjoy only a limited view.

At the top of the hill, there is a reinforced concrete pillar hidden among the trees, which was built in the 1930s as a point of trigonometric network of the 1st order. On one of the coniferous trees there includes an information board, from which you can find detailed information about Zlatý Stôl Hill.

Several marked hiking trails lead to the hill. It is best accessible from the village of Stará Voda (about 7km) along the blue tourist mark, or from Úhornianske Saddle. The more experienced ones will certainly enjoy the ascent from the villages of Úhorná, Smolník, Čučma and Pača.

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