Beautiful Hájske Waterfalls, also called Hlboký jarok (Deep Gutter), are located in the karst gorge Hájska Valley. The Hájska Valley is entered through the village of Háj and has a length of 3km.

Not far from the village in the valley, there are remarkable karst phenomena and numerous waterfalls - Central Hájsky Waterfall, Hájsky Waterfall above the bridge, Great Hájsky Waterfall. Directional points will guide you here from the road.

You can find a gazebo, benches and fireplaces where you can roast, grill and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in the beautiful nature and quiet surroundings of Great Hájsky Waterfall.

The waterfalls are 1 to 7 meters high and their richness depends on the amount of rainfall. In winter, the waterfalls often freeze and form ice walls and icicles.

From the village of Háj to the village of Hačava, right through the Hájska Valley, there is a yellow hiking trail and a red cycling trail pass. It is an undemanding route, which can also be used by children or recreational tourists.

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