The plains of the Slovak Karst, more precisely above the village of Kečovo, on the western slope of the Maliník Hill and the Čertova diera (Devil's Hole) are dotted with surface karst formations, also called grikes.

Kečovo Grikes are perhaps the most famous grike fields of the Slovak Karst and, indeed, the whole of Slovakia. These grikes take the form of rocky ridges that stand out from behind the grassy vegetation in white.

The long-term activity of man resulted in washing away of the soil and creation of the karst territory. There are also many protected, rare, drought and thermophilous plant and animal species in this locality.

The National Nature Reserve of Kečovo Grikes spreads out on an area of 6.61 hectares. The paradox is, however, that proclaiming the area as a national wildlife sanctuary and banning grazing cattle results in gradual overgrowth of grikes s and the suppression of rare plant species.

Grikes are accessible from the nearby village of Kečovo. There are also several information boards for tourists on the outskirts of the site.

Kečovo Grikes are subject to the 5th degree of protection and there is a ban on moving outside the marked hiking trail.

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