Malá and Veľká Pec (Small and Large Furnace) - two attractive tourist sites, as well as natural monuments, are located in the Dobrovodský Karst.

The best starting point is the village of Prašník, namely the village of Lajdovci. There are no officially marked hiking trails leading to the Malá Pec natural monument. You will be led by a wide forest trail and occasional signs left by locals. A slight climb to the dense forest awaits you on the way. It gradually turns into a grassy hillside and in before your very eyes, you will soon see the wooded hill with a rock formation - Malá Pec.

The biggest attraction is the distinctive sandstone rock gate and its surroundings are lined with beautiful pine trees in spring and bushes full of juniper berries and flowering daisies and violets in summer.

It is also possible to get back to Veľká Pec from Malá Pec, but it is necessary to return to the forest and turn left at the crossroads of forest roads. The forest path will lead you to the massive entrance of the Veľká Pec cave.

Natural monument Veľká Pec is about 15 meters long cave (and also a local hill) open to the public. Like Malá Pec, it was created by eolic activity. It is also an important archaeological site from the Palaeolithic era and where many fossil remains have been found.

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Klaudia Ivanova • Mar 2020
„Krásne turistické miesto ale navigácia nás zaviedla cez súkromný pozemok takže sme sa museli vraciať a ísť oblúkom. Ale vôbec nás nevedela navigácia naviesť na správne miesto. Keď už sme dorazili niako na miesto najbližšie pod malú pec tak bolo nulovo značené ako sa k nej dostať. Žiadne turistické tabule ani označenie na stromoch alebo náznak nijakej turistickej značke. Takže sme kráčali a nevedeli vlastne či ideme vôbec správne. “

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