There is probably no tourist who would not know the most famous Tatra lake - Štrbské Pleso. However, only a few know that this beautiful natural gem has its "twin", albeit significantly smaller and artificially built.

The New Štrbské Pleso is hidden in the woods next to the iconic Štrbské Pleso. It was built as an artificial dam designed by the architect Karol Móry. The New Štrbské Pleso should have become part of the hotel complex and serve to the wealthier visitors.

Nowadays, Štrbské Pleso is actually a lake with a length of 243 meters, a width of 182 meters and a depth of 10 meters. It is particularly distinguished by the fact that it is quite densely overgrown with peat and therefore needs to be cleaned regularly. However, different species of fish are doing very well in this water.

Although New Štrbské pleso almost does not resemble the Štrbské Pleso lake, they have one in common. The view of the surrounding Tatra peaks and nature is equally charming from the banks of both of these lakes. The New Štrbské pleso lake can be reached either by a path down the forest from the tram station or by turning from the main access road leading to the Baník Hotel.

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