• Župné námestie 3, Nitra

There is a luxurious four-wing palace building on the county square in Nitra. In the past, it was a county seat. Today, its representative premises are the seat of the Nitra Gallery. It opened its gates for lovers of fine arts in December 1965 and offered visitors a rich exhibition of works by former and then Nitra artists.

The Nitra Gallery has currently five exhibition spaces:

  • Representative halls - present significant collective national and international projects
  • Salon - designed for intimate authorial presentations
  • Youth Gallery - maps the work of students and graduates of art schools
  • BUNKER - provides students, artists and young curators with the opportunity to experiment with contemporary art
  • Colour gallery - it is a space for presentation of educational activities of gallery educator

In 2010, the gallery established a Virtual Gallery on its website, through which it regularly presents a rich collection to visitors of the gallery site. In addition to the exhibition activities, the gallery offers a rich program of cultural and educational events.

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