• Námestie Jána Pavla II. 7, Nitra

The most famous Slavic missionaries - Saints Cyril and Methodius - have many sculptures in Slovakia built in their memory. However, only one of them can boast of the attribute "the biggest". This monumental sculpture stands in Nitra on the left side of the road to Nitra Castle.

The Thessaloniki Brothers Monument is made in the form of a bronze, double-figured sculpture in a larger-than-life size, making it truly unmistakable. The sculptural group depicts both saints side by side, in a long and majestic habit and with ancient facial features. Saint Cyril hand is raised in a blessing gesture, holding a thick period book in his left hand. On the other hand, Methodius holds the Roman pyxide in the left hand.

Sculptural group of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Nitra is the work of academic sculptor Ľudmila Cvengošová and it was installed near the entrance gate of the castle in 1990. A replica of this sculpture can be found in the Hungarian village Zalavár (former Mosapurc - the capital of Pribina in his principality), where it was unveiled on the occasion of the 1150th anniversary of the arrival of the Thessaloniki brothers in Great Moravia.

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