The natural lookout of Poludnica (Noonday Witch) is a spectacular rocky cliff and at the same time a national nature reserve that lies beneath it. This rocky cliff protrudes from the dense forest near the former Maretkiná gamekeeper's lodge. It is the most famous and most impressive lookout in the Muranska planina National Park.

Poludnica offers beautiful semi-circular view. You can look back at the surrounding area, but also more distant mountains or, in good weather, even beyond the town of Revúca. Poludnica is an ideal place to relax in nature.

Poludnica Lookout offers relatively undemanding tourism. The nature reserve with the same name is situated under lookout, offering the opportunity to return to Muráň or continue hiking on the plain.

The lookout is accessible via marked hiking trails from the village of Muráň (approx. 7 km). A route under the Muráň castle through the Great Meadow is very popular among tourists. There are also marked cycling trails from the surrounding villages leading to the lookout.

You may need some: accommodation district Revúca
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