Among the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovakia, we could also include Rudniansky Waterfall, which is the only one in Štiavnické Hill. It is hidden in the forests between the villages of Uhliská and Rudno nad Hronom.

Rudniansky waterfall is fed by Rudniansky stream. It falls from a height of about four meters in several degrees. Rudniansky Waterfall has plenty of water especially in spring and autumn, otherwise it is rather quiet. It freezes in winter and creates beautiful icicle decoration.

Access to the waterfall is either from the village of Uhliská or from Rudno nad Hronom. From the village of Uhliská, the journey takes about 15 minutes. The road is somewhat longer from Rudno. However, both are undemanding and suitable for all age groups of tourists.

If you would like to continue in hiking Rudnianska Valley will show you its best - unique nature with interesting rock formations.

You may need some: accommodation district Levice
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