The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

Near the road connecting Banská Štiavnica with Krupina there is a unique natural formation called Štangarígeľ (Krupina Rocks). What you can admire here today are actually the pentagonal prisms of andesite, created by volcanic activity millions of years ago.

Some of these pillars reach a height of up to 6 meters, amazing the tourists not only by their construction, but also by the remnants of ancient features on one of the stone pillars. Apparently, it should be a Slavic version of the Old Celtic script. The uniqueness of the inscription is that a similar script has not yet been found.

Andrej Kmeť himself was also interested in this location, who described the departments in detail and even measured the lengths of the individual edges and the angles of the pentagon. The results of his investigation and measurement showed relatively high accuracy and match of dimensions.

Krupina Rocks are hidden in a dense forest and a green marked hiking trail leads to them from the village of Žibritov (approx. 2 km, 50 min) or from Krupina (approx. 8 km, 3 hours). The route is not challenging and this natural formation will definitely interest children as well. You can even go here by bike on marked cycling routes from Krupina or Svätý Anton.

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Eva Martincekova • Sep 2022
„Dnes sme sa tam vybrali pri návrate z &Dudiniec, otrasné značenie, prišli sme na veľkú lúku a behali sme po nej a hľadali zelenú značku a nenašli sme ju tak sme sa vrátili. Chodník zo začiatku je neupravený a porytý diviakmi. Kto to značil tak by som ho poslala v cudzom prostredí po takomto otrasnom značení, kam by došiel. Veľké mínus. “

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