• GPS: 48.40307, 18.87716
The time required is approx. 6 hours.
The time required is approx. 6 hours.

In the Štiavnické Hills, there is an attractive one-thousander, which annually welcomes many tourists on its peak. It is Sitno Hill.

This volcanic mountain is a great tip for a trip not only for hiking enthusiasts, but especially for families with children. The way to the top is not demanding, even if it is to be trampled at the beginning. You should handle it in less than 3 hours.

Under the summit, make sure to turn to the mysterious ruins of Sitno Castle and explore it from every available side. There, you will also learn something from the history of the place when the Turks besieged this place.

The highest peak of Štiavnické Hills offers impressive views of the surrounding countryside. You will have even better views from the wooden lookout tower, which is in operation from May to September and also serves as an information center.

Radio and television transmitter, which diversifies the peak of Sitno, can be seen from the wide surroundings too.

When you have enough of beautiful views, head to the A. Kmeť cottage where you can enjoy some good meal and recharge your energy.

An interesting feature of this hill is that archaeologists discovered the remains of a prehistoric settlement at its top. That is why the hill is emblazoned with legends and old legends.

There are several exit routes to reach Sitno. The shortest but also the steepest trail leads from Počúvadlo Lake. Less steep route along the green marked trail leads from Banská Štiavnica.

You may need some: accommodation Banská Štiavnica
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