The River Hron is the second longest Slovak river, and therefore deserves due attention. Hron measures 298 kilometers, flows only through Slovakia and flows into the Danube in the small village of Kamenica nad Hronom.

Hron springs in Horehronske podolie (valley) on the southeastern foot of Kráľová hoľa at an altitude of approximately 980 m. The spring of the river Hron is a beautiful and sought-after natural symbol, but also a frequent stop for tourists who are just passing around.

The surroundings of the spring are very nicely decorated. The spring is fenced by a small wooden fence above which a wooden shelter stands. You will also be informed about the fact that you are standing at the spring by the ubiquitous information boards from which you can learn the basic information about the Hron river.

At the spring, you can sit for a while on the traditional bars or on the bench under the shelter and then just breath fresh mountain air and take pleasure in the beautiful surrounding scenery.

From the nearest village of Telgárt, the spring can be reached in about 30 minutes on foot or 3 minutes by car. You can park right on the access road to the spring. During the summer days, we recommend to reach this place on a bike via the marked cycling trail.

You may need some: accommodation Telgárt
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