• Levočská 1, Sabinov

At the summer swimming pool in Sabinov, there are** 3 swimming pools, bathing, recreational and children's pools with sunshades. The water in the pools is clean and regularly inspected. **The temperature is pleasantly refreshing.

The swimming pool environment is pleasant, neat and with plenty of space for each visitor. Around the pools there are carpet and pavement floor, somewhat further away is the grassy area.

For those interested in sports, there is a possibility to play badminton and beach volleyball at the swimming pool. The swimming pool also includes tennis courts, but these are not located in the area, just in its vicinity.

Children can use the playground with jungle gyms and merry-go-rounds, as well as various inflatable attractions.

In the swimming pool area, you will find three refreshment facilities - buffets and a restaurant where you can also grill or roast

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