The Austrian mountain of Braunsberg is a popular location for all cyclists. It lies just 13 km from Lafranconi Bridge, where your cycling adventure can begin. The beautiful cycle path leads mainly through a tangle of picturesque Austrian villages and vast fields.

Cycling route Bratislava - Braunsberg belongs to the Danube classics. If you haven't dared yet, you should surely try it. Especially during beautiful sunny days, you won't even notice how quickly your path has passed. The cycling trail regularly alternates with milder and steeper passages that might be somehow more demanding.

Braunsberg is one of the most popular hills around Bratislava also due to the fact that there are plenty of quality, mostly asphalt, roads and bike routes leading there. And when you get through the last sections of the route yourself, you will get an incredible outlook.

On the top of Braunsberg, there is also a lookout tower, which is reminiscent of the Celtic settlement, which was still here in the Roman Empire. From this point you will have a perfect view of all the cardinal points. You will see the massive Danube or the beautiful Schloss Hof castle lie open, but also the sunlit Austrian countryside.

The subsequent return is also facilitated by a dynamic downhill slope, while the wind whistles around you. Cycling route Bratislava - Braunsberg is also an excellent all-day cycling trip for the whole family.

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