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The castle is located at the top of the rock almost in the center of Fiľakovo. The first written mention of the castle is from the 13th century, where it is stated that the Fiľakovo Castle withstood the Tatar raid. Over the centuries, the castle has changed owners several times. In the 16th century, the castle was conquered by Turkish troops and they ruled over the surrounding countryside for almost 40 years from this place. The imperial troops later conquered the castle from the Turks, but it did not last long. The castle was repeatedly besieged and conquered during the anti-Habsburg uprisings, and in the 17th century, during the seizing of Emeric Thököly, the castle burned down and became a ruin.

Today, the Fiľakovo Castle houses a Castle Museum with exhibitions on the history of the castle and its surroundings. There are rare medieval castle finds and objects from the 39-year Turkish occupation of Fiľakovo exhibited. Part of the exhibition are also valuable exhibits from the most important archaeological sites in the vicinity of Fiľakovo.

In the castle premises, you can also admire another exposition called "Sights of fossil life in the vicinity of Fiľakovo". Here, you can see findings from the Paleolithic period supplemented by fossils of invertebrates and plant prints from the surroundings of Fiľakovo.

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