When Minčol is said, many tourists of Little Fatra get glint in their eyes. Beautiful mountains that enchant both in winter and summer. It does not belong to the highest peaks of Little Fatra, but thanks to the varied landscape scenery as well as the terrain, you definitely will not be disappointed by the climb to Minčol.

Minčol is one of those peaks that can be characterized by slower climb, but rather persistent. Most of the route goes through a dense forest, so the top views will be a real eye-catcher for you. In particular, you will discover beautiful views of the cities of Žilina and Martin, Žilina and Turčianska basins, as well as the Little and Greater Fatra. In good weather, you can see even the High Tatras or the Javorina transmitter above Stará Turá.

During the winter, this locality is popular with cross-country skiers, and runners cannot deny it during the summer. In addition, the slopes of Minčol Hill are covered with forest fruits during the summer, especially blueberries, which will appease your hunger a bit.

Minčol Hill is a crossroads of several hiking trails. The ascent begins traditionally in the ATC Turiec car park in Vrútky, but it can also be reached from Višňové or Stráňavy. All exit routes are approximately 7 km long.

You may need some: accommodation Višňové (district Žilina)
Tourist map (GPS 49.12404, 18.82727)
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