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Liptovský Mikuláš
Lookout tower Ostredok Hill
If you starve for seeing the beauty of the Demänovská Valley not only from the ground, but also from the highs, head out to the lookout tower on Ostredok Hill. The looko...
Demänovská Dolina
0.5 km
Symbolic cemetery to victims of the Low Tatras
The mountains are beautiful, but they can also be treacherous and dangerous. In the Demänovská Valley, in the locality of Stodôlky, a symbolic cemetery was created for vi...
Demänovská Dolina
1.6 km
Chopok Hill - 2024 m asl
The Low Tatras attract tourists from all over Slovakia as well as the surrounding area. They offer not only beautiful nature, great tourism, but also many attractions and...
Demänovská Dolina
2.6 km
Polana - 1889 m asl
The Poľana Hill is situated in the Low Tatras and is flat and overgrown with grassy and forested vegetation. Poľana has become a sought-after location of active tourism a...
Demänovská Dolina
2.9 km
Krakova hoľa - 1752 m asl
Krakova hoľa (grassy uplands) is a popular low-mountain peak. This massive, limestone hill is characterized by steep slopes and a dense dwarf tree protruding from the top...
Demänovská Dolina
3.7 km
Vajskovský Waterfall
The hiking trail across one of the most beautiful valleys of the Low Tatras - Vajskovská Valley - will lead you to its glittering natural gem - Vajskovský Waterfall. Loca...
Dolná Lehota - Krpáčovo
4.0 km
Ďumbier - 2043 m asl.
The Low Tatras gigant, Ďumbier Hill (2043 m above sea level), is the highest peak that can be overcome even if it is covered by winter ice. It is popular not only for an...
Mýto pod Ďumbierom
5.0 km
Skalka - 1980 m asl
Skalka Hill is an attractive tourist destination for many visitors to the Low Tatras. The mountain rises on the side ridge protruding south from Kotliská Hill. It is char...
Dolná Lehota
5.0 km
Demänovská Hill - 1304 m asl
In the Low Tatras, in addition to the well-known tourist peaks such as Ďumbier and Chopok, there are other equally beautiful and interesting but less sought-after hills. ...
Liptovský Mikuláš
5.1 km
Lookout Tower in Pavčina Lehota
Peace, quiet and beautiful nature wherever you look. All this surrounds a small village of Pavčina Lehota near Liptovský Mikuláš. Since 2007, this locality is even more a...
Pavčina Lehota
5.4 km
Poludnica Hill - 1549 m asl
The charming and mythical name, Poludnica (Noonday Witch), was given to a lush wooded hill located at the end of the crotch of the Kraková hoľa in the Low Tatras. This hi...
Závažná Poruba
7.6 km
Ohnište Hill (1538 m asl) and Rocky Window
The karst area of the Low Tatras is full of natural beauty. These breathtaking unique features include the Ohnište Hill with its rocky window. The high limestone cliffs o...
Liptovský Ján
8.0 km
Slemä - 1514 m asl
Slemä is a wooded rocky massif in the northern part of the Ohnište Crotch at an altitude of 1514 m, which is separated from it by Michalovské Saddle. It is one of the mos...
Liptovská Porúbka
9.7 km
Magura golden educational trail
In Ľupčianská valley near the cottage Magurka, an 8 km long circular educational trail begins. A total of 11 boards will acquaint you with the mining tradition and nature...
Partizánska Ľupča
13.5 km
Sliač travertines
Other attractions
The beauty of the lower Liptov is undeniable. This place is a popular tourist destination, thanks to a number of mineral springs that have created a natural travertine re...
Liptovské Sliače - Vyšný Sliač
14.9 km
Lúžňanky Meanders
The end of the village of Liptovská Lúžna is decorated by charming nature piece, created by a small but very strong river Lúžňanka. The area surrounded by the majestic ri...
Liptovská Lúžna
16.3 km
Hučiaky Gulley
Wild beauty - this attribute literally captures the irresistible gulley of Hučiaky. If you find yourself here, surely the first thing that comes to your mind is that you ...
17.1 km
Hučiaky Canyon
If you are looking for a perfect silence and a place where many tourists have not stepped in, go to the village of Ludrová. There, in the mountainous terrain of the Low T...
18.7 km
Veľká Chochuľa - 1753 m asl
The western part of the Low Tatras is beautified by Veľká Chochuľa, the highest peak of this part. This mountain is very popular among tourists, despite the long climb. V...
18.9 km
Brankovský Waterfall
A trip to Brankovský Waterfall could be characterized as a simple hike / walk suitable for families with children. The waterfall is located in the beautiful Low Tatras, i...